The Pursuit of Love

January 18, 2017

What would you do for love?



It’s an old, old question, and in the world of romantic tales, one that goes back to the beginning of time.  Let’s face it, Shakespeare was the father of rom coms.  If there is anyone on this planet that truly knew how to draw the funny out of the tragedy that is tortured love, it is him.



All’s Well That Ends Well is no exception to this, and some might argue one of the better examples.  Although lesser known because of its controversial character portrayals – there is a twisted way about describing to what lengths a woman is willing to go to lock down her husband that can only conjure laughter of ridiculous.



Which leads us back to our question – what would you do for love?  Would you stalk your prize?  Would you scheme with your love’s muses?  At what line do actions in the pursuit of love become questionable?



The real question may be ‘how much self-loathing does one have to acquire, to place themselves in the destructive path of convincing someone to love them’?  We all know someone, if we haven’t suffered ourselves, who has pursued someone who does not want the attention.  We all have thresholds as to the ends we are willing to go to follow through in these situations, to give up and move on.



There are plenty of fish in the sea, after all.



But if one were to play a questionable card – one that truly pushes some people’s moral boundaries – does it pay off? Most of us have that drive in us, but to what end?



One Yellow Rabbit presents

The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Production’s


All’s Well That Ends Well

As part of the 31st Annual High Performance Rodeo

 By William Shakespeare   Adapted by Brad Fraser

Directed by Peter Hinton

 January 20 – 28, 2016
 Preview January 19

Iconic and provocative Canadian playwright Brad Fraser and esteemed Canadian theatre director Peter Hinton, join forces to bring Shakespeare’s lesser known romantic tragi-comedy to life.  All’s Well That Ends Well is a romantic tale about Helena, in love with the requiting Bertram and the great lengths she will go to win his affection. Known as one of Shakespeare’s darker comedies, it is the fusion of folk and fairy tale woven through the battlefield of love, betrayal, and seduction.


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