Emerging Artist: Jacob Lesiuk

April 16, 2017

This past month, we had the pleasure of seeing Jacob Lesiuk take on the role of D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers. What many may not have known is that Jacob is one of our Emerging Artists, an actor who has come far and fast into a place that excites us as artists.


Born in Trail, British Columbia in 1991 as a middle child, Jacob studied here, at Calgary’s Mount Royal University, where he honed his skill. These simple facts aside, we wanted to find out what drew him to theatre, what his motivation was, and how he prepared for the part of D’Artagnan in our rendition of The Three Musketeers.


So we sat down and asked him.


The Past

How did acting become an integral part of your life?
It was something I have always been interested and doing. When I was younger a cousin of mine was huge in our community theatre in my hometown. He really inspired me to break into the industry. So I spent many years in community theatre in my high school days. Then as I got older I decided to brave a bold choice to make it my career, so I moved to Calgary.


What draws you to the theatre?
The ability to explore and wear the shoes of someone completely different from yourself. As well to be able to tell a story to an audience and have them join you on your journey as this character. Theatre for both the audience and actor side is exhilarating.



The Present

When did you join TSC?

My first show with TSC was The Winters Tale back in 2014


What theatre group were you a part of before?

Well, I consider myself a freelance actor, I jump from company to company depending on who casts me. But I have done shows with FireExit, Hit & Myth, Scorpio Theatre, and Theatre Calgary’s Shakespeare by the Bow to name a few.



How did you prepare for the part of D’Artagnan?
I read the novel The Three Musketeers and took extensive notes on everything and anything involving D’Artagnan. I then read the script over and over again to get a feel for who D’Artagnan is in the context of the play. Even though the book and play follow the same story I prefer to utilize the playwrights vision of the character and use the book to help inspire choices I make as D’Artagnan in any unclear moments I may find myself in.


How do you generally like to prepare for parts? Do you have any interesting preparations vocally or for character immersion?
Very similar to the previous question, it involves a ton of research on the circumstances of my character to allow me to make informed choices. Then I would integrate a lot of yoga and relaxation techniques to embody the person I am playing.

Asides acting, are there any other pieces of the theatre puzzle you involve yourself in ie. writing, directing etc..
I am wanting to get into writing and directing, though I haven’t had the chance for directing and I find I am too fidgety to sit down and write so I have to take that one one day at a time.


Have you worked abroad within your craft?
Not yet but I hope to!



The Future

What is a play you would like to undertake and why?
Hard to say but I would defiantly love to play Katurian from The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. It is a black comedy that is so intense I just get chills thinking about it.


Currently, who is an actor in the industry you admire and would love to work with?
Aw man such a hard question! Honestly, I have too many to list.